Slowly Going Crazy

I feel like my sanity is creeping closer and closer to the edge.  Pretty soon it is just going to take a flying leap and leave me here wondering how I will keep going.

It turns out that Laura did indeed have pertussis.  5 days of antibiotics and quarantine were all that were needed.  We did get a nebulizer to help her breathe while sleeping.  She was coughing so much at night she wasn’t getting enough sleep (and neither were we because we could hear her).  Knock on wood, I think we are through it though.

I had to get a bit firm with the professors.  I started telling them all that I would not be fulfilling any more orders for the fall semester unless they were fine with not getting the book until October.  I have enough to do that I can’t be dealing with such late orders.  Some people aren’t so happy with it, but they’ll get over it.  There is no point in having a deadline if it isn’t enforced.  The student employees that I have are great.  They have worked their butts off so that we are ready for book issue beginning on Aug. 27.  In fact, Shirley and I are buying them lunch on Tuesday to show our appreciation.

Things at home are a bit stressful right now.  Ok, I’ll be honest.  I take a lot of responsibility for it.  I think it is approaching 3 days since I’ve remembered to take my meds.  The alarm on my phone will go off to remind me to take them, but I haven’t had the meds with me.  Then I forget to take them later.  :(  Oops.  The kitchen is a mess again.  There are toys all over from Warren’s birthday.  Laura has also started pulling her toys out here to play with and doesn’t put them away.  My goal for this afternoon is to get the house under control.  I know I could have been better about cleaning this past week.

On a bright note, Laura is reading!  She can read Level 1 and 2 books.  I don’t know exactly when this started, but she picked up a book one day and started to read.  She was pointing along with the words and everything.  We’ve given her a few books that she hasn’t seen before and is reading those as well.  Now the challenge is getting to the library so I don’t have to listen to the same book 50 times a day!  I know repetition is good for her, but variety is good for Momma.  :)

Warren is now 3.  I am still amazed at how fast the last three years have gone.  We’ve had some ups and downs.  He is so much fun.  His personality and sense of humor are great.  He knows exactly what buttons to push on his sister to make her scream.  And then he gives a killer smile with a question in his eyes of “What are you going to do about it?  I’m cute.”  This boy is going to be trouble!

Robert and my dad built the kids a sandbox last weekend.  It is 8’x4′.  Some of Warren’s birthday presents were Tonka toys.  So he takes his diggers out to the sandbox.  I thought the sandbox would have been plenty large for two kids.  Yeah, once the diggers get in there, it starts to get crowded.  The kids are loving having a large sandbox though.  I like that they can play out there and I can watch from the house if I want/need.

Robert is starting to work on the house, so I’m taking that as my cue to get off the computer.

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