First Haircut

Warren got his first haircut yesterday.  It only took over 2 years for him to have enough hair for us to do this.  He really wasn’t sure about sitting in the chair.  We started out with a booster seat.

This was short lived.  He moved onto Daddy’s lap.

Even on Daddy’s lap, the haircut was not ok.  He was so sad, but it was so hard not to laugh at this face.  I still laugh when I look at it.

Mommy saved the day!  She pulled out her iPod, and Warren was able to watch some Dora.  There’s a smile!

Almost done!  Just a little bit of trimming left to do.

All done!  And a nice blue sucker as a reward for being such a good boy.  :D

It wasn’t all smiles though.  Someone was quite put out that she didn’t get to play with the iPod.

All in all, it was a good experience!

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