Tough Conversations

Tonight was the start of the tough conversations with Laura.  Robert and I have decided that Laura will learn the word vulva for her girl parts.  This is the term for the entire area.  Well, apparently she has been paying attention to us.  While driving around this morning she proudly announced to me that she has a vulva, and added in that I do as well.  I acknowledged her and agreed that I did.  She also pointed out that Warren doesn’t have one.  He has a penis instead.  I’m glad that she is learning the proper terms for the body parts.  I can get embarrassing at times when we are out in public and she decides to have these conversations.  However, before her bath tonight, things started to get interesting.  She was naked, waiting to get into the bath.  She once again mentioned her vulva.  I asked her where it was.  She pointed it out to me.  She then pointed mine out to me.  It was here that led me to a teaching moment.  I wanted her to understand two things.  1)  She should not touch anyone else’s private parts ever.  I explained that they are private and she shouldn’t touch.  2)  No one should touch hers except for me, Daddy, or a doctor.  I went on to say that if a doctor does touch her, that Mommy or Daddy should be there too.  I figure it can’t be too early to start talking about this stuff, but doing so in a way that isn’t scaring her.  I did ask her to also tell me if anyone ever touches her.  I don’t know if she will soak it all in from one talk.  I know that we will have to have this talk a few times.  What saddens me is that I need to have these talks with her.  The first point is a timeless thing.  The second one seems to be more prevalent now than 20 years ago.  Either that, or it is just publicized more today.  Either way, it is a tough part of parenting.  I would like to think I handled the situation well.  Only time will tell the end result though.

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