Rough Day

It was a bit of a rough day today.  Warren had his 15 month appointment this morning.  His stats are:  25 pounds, 30.75″ long, 47.8 cm head circumference.  On top of his regular vaccine, we all did the flu shot today.  Thankfully Robert was with to help out.  Laura got over it pretty quick this time.  I think it helped that she saw Robert and I get the flu shot first.  I may or may not have bribed her with a sucker as well.  Once we got home, things went down hill.  Warren had slept in the car on the way home.  He then refused to sleep in his bed once we got home.  He was crabby.  I ended up giving him some ibuprofen.  He finally took a short nap.  Laura woke him up about an hour later while she was pooping on the potty.  He ate an ok lunch.  He didn’t eat as much as I would have liked, but if the shots messed him up a bit I can understand that.  He fought me all afternoon about taking a nap.  I would get him chilled out and lay him down.  5 minutes later he would be crying.  Even if I left him in his room for half an hour he would still cry and fuss.  I finally got him to sleep another hour in the late afternoon.  Laura took her time eating so she didn’t go down for nap until 1.  This is actually ok with me.  She is doing well with having a later start to nap, plus it is closer in line with what daycare does.  After nap, Warren was crabby once again.  I gave him some Tylenol this time.  I wanted to keep the option of giving him ibuprofen at bedtime open.  He responded well to the Tylenol thankfully.  By this point, Robert was on his way home.  Both kids were whining at me.  I was at the end of my rope.  I called Robert so he could “talk me down”.  He had his phone on silent so he didn’t answer.  Of course when he walked in the door both kids were happy and dancing to the music I turned on.  :p

I didn’t get much cleaning done this afternoon.  After dinner tonight I swept and mopped the kitchen and entry way.  Robert cleaned the bathroom with the exception of scrubbing the tub (didn’t want to take a chance of bothering Warren).  So now the housework is pretty much done.  Tomorrow will be spent doing laundry.  I don’t think we have tons so hopefully it will go quickly.  I am really looking forward to our date tomorrow night.  It will be nice to get away from the demands of children for a little while.

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is next week already.  This month has just flown by!  I feel like my 10 year remission party was just a week ago.  I look at my weekends and they are going so fast.  It’s Thanksgiving, then my scrapbooking day, then the 8th Robert and I are going Christmas shopping, finals week starts on Dec. 15, the 19th is Laura’s Christmas program at church, finals week ends on the 21st, then we’re at Christmas!  HOLY COW!!  The next thing I know it’ll be 2011.

On Facebook there is a challenge to write something you are thankful for every day from Nov. 1 to Thanksgiving.  I didn’t do it, but I am considering making a list and posting it here.  25 different things to be thankful for.  Could be a challenge, but maybe I can come up with more.  We shall see what happens.

Time to put things back together (was letting the floor dry) and head to bed.

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