Quiet Time

It is currently quarter after 6.  The house is quiet.  Warren woke up at 5 this morning.  Robert, being the good man/daddy he is, got up with him.  I got up at 5:50 to take over so Robert could go back to bed.  Warren fell back asleep at 6:05.  I debated crawling back into bed, but decided it was time to do another update on here.

Things have been ok.  This past weekend (Saturday) Jess stayed with the kids while Robert and I went to Tomah for the truck and tractor pulls.  It was so nice to get out without the kids.  It was really warm.  Ok, it was just plain hot!  I ended up getting fried to a crisp.  Today is the first day I can even bear to have a t-shirt on touching my sunburn.  The pulls were fun though.  We ended up leaving the evening session before it was over though.  The heat had gotten to Robert pretty badly.  It was a good thing we left when we did.  There were big storms moving in.  We hit them at Osseo.  We ended up getting off the interstate at Hwy 128 because it was so hard to see anything.  Jess said the kids did great and she had fun.

Sunday was a low-key day.  Once Warren went down for his morning nap, Robert joined him.  I put in a Diego movie for Laura and dozed on the couch.  We all ended up taking decent afternoon naps too.  Not much else happened on Sunday.

This morning we’ll be going outside.  I told Laura last night while trying to get her to bed that we’d go out.  It is supposed to be a gorgeous day today.

Laura is now hooked on yogurt.  She is asking for it a breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  She even asks for it for snacks.  I’m limiting to one a day for right now.  I know it is good for her, but she needs to keep some variety in her eating.  My little girl never ceases to amaze me.  A few days before her birthday, I asked her how old she is will be on her birthday.  She replied, “I’m going to be 3.”  To put that together at such a young age in amazing.  She loves to do the reading games that are a part of Nick Jr online.  She is also starting to put rhyming words together.  Yesterday she put some of her letter magnets together.  She had 4 of them, the first being an L.  “That say Laura.”

Now, all of that said, I wish she could put into words her feelings more.  She loves her brother.  I have no doubt about that.  However, she still has the jealousy at times, and just wanting him away from her.  Those are the times when she cries, screams, and pushes him.  Of course this mainly happens during the day when I am alone.  It is hard to sit one on one with her to talk to her about it when Warren is climbing on me, or still going after her toys.  I am trying to remember what it was like to be little and use that to help too.  For example, last night Robert was on the floor wrestling with Warren.  Laura kept wanting to be a part of it.  When Robert sat up, she started to climb on him.  I don’t think it clicked for him what she was wanting.  I told him that she wanted to play with him just like he was playing with Warren.  I remember wanting to wrestle with Dad like he did with John.  I however, wanted it a  little bit gentler, but didn’t want to say so.  The part I struggle with is Warren wanting to see what Laura is doing and her getting upset.  I was like Warren.  I was always wanting to see what my big brother was up to.  Of course, he wasn’t so keen on that idea.  He got tired of his little sister being in his face all the time.  I need to get Laura to explain that Warren just wants to see.  I also need to get Warren involved with something so he leaves her alone more.  As I told Mom on the phone yesterday, “Parenting is like a juggling act.  You keep all the balls up in the air, and if some drop you hope nobody notices.”

As for myself, I guess that I am doing ok.  I am struggling with some personal issues right now.  I’ve mentioned them to Robert, but we haven’t discussed them really.  When it’s all boiled down to the basics, it seems like it comes down to trust.  Hopefully we can find some time to talk soon.

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