Married vs Single

No, I am not considering the single life.  I just got to thinking, that Mandy and Jess never really got to see me through most of my singleness and most of dating.  The three of us really got close during Blocks, which were junior and senior years of college.  Robert and I hooked up during my sophomore year.  They never saw me go through heartbreak or crushes.  This whole thought process has been prompted by watching Sex and the City.  One of the episodes I watched was singles vs married people.  They made it out to be that married women were threatened by the single women.  I personally am not threatened by single women.  Robert has lots of female friends, mostly married.  Something else the episode “explored” was married women wanting all their friends to be married as well.  I look at Mandy, Jess, and I and the three of us are all in such different places.  Sure, Jess and I are both married and Mandy is single.  However, Jess and Travis most likely won’t have any kids.  It’s not that they don’t like them.  It’s just a personal choice that I won’t go into here.  So while Jess and I are the married ones, Mandy and Jess are the child-free ones.  Mandy and I tend to be the crazier ones, pulling Jess out of her comfort zone so much of the time.  So to make this come full circle, it is interesting to me how 3 (or 4) women can be so different or in different places in their lives and yet stay so close.  In the end of SatC, 3 of them end up married, 2 with kids, and 1 stays the single lady enjoying the single life.   With the three of us, 2 are married, 1 with kids, and 1 is not sure if she’ll get married (and she’s ok with it).  Amazing how a fictional tv series can provoke such thoughts.

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