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I couldn’t think of a better title.  I had a great post started in my head, and then I had to go looking for a desktop client to post with.  I found a few that people recommended, but couldn’t really find any that I liked that were free.  I guess I could look into a Windows one since I do have XP installed on my laptop.  I probably wouldn’t want to have to switch to Windows just to post though.  If anyone knows a of a good Mac desktop client, let me know.

This week has been a bit rough on the kids.  Monday morning I was in Laura’s room putting away laundry and going through dresser drawers pulling out clothes that were too small or out of season.  Robert was in our bedroom putting away laundry.  I thought he had Warren in the room with him and keeping an eye on him.  That turned out to not be the case.  Whoever came up the stairs last didn’t shut the gate.  I don’t know who that was.  Warren went tumbling down the stairs.  :(  Thankfully he wasn’t hurt.  I think it scared him more than anything.  He was just sitting on the bottom stair crying.  Last night Laura was standing on a kitchen chair like she usually does to watch us cook/prep food.  She stepped forward and there was just enough of a gap that she fell head first onto the floor.  She has a little bit of a goose egg on her head, but nothing too big.  Thankfully it has time to clear up before her birthday party!  I don’t want people to think I am beating or neglecting my kids!

We now have two baby gates in our house.  We have one at the top of the stairs and now one at the beginning of the hallway.  This was prompted by the little boy’s desire to play with doors, shut doors, and pull DVDs off the shelf.  It was much easier to spend a little bit of money to keep him away than to constantly redirect him.  We were also worried about fingers getting pinched in doors.  An added bonus to the new gate is the cats for some reason won’t jump over it, at least yet.  They sit pitifully on one side trying to figure out how to get to the other.  I wonder if part of it is that they can see through it (it just has plastic diamond weave in the middle).  I caught Nat trying to get under the gate.  It is up a little higher to be over the baseboards.  She got her head under, but wouldn’t get her body under.  It was rather amusing.  Hehehe  Whatever the reason, I’m loving it so far!

Monday night Laura was in her glory.  We had Michelle come and take pictures of Laura in her princess dress.  I really wanted them done before she outgrew it.  She did great.  I am really excited to see the pictures once Michelle gets them done.  I have asked Robert if I can get Photoshop put on my laptop.  I would love to play with it and maybe enhance some of the pictures I take.  The hard part will be remembering not to edit the original picture in case I would totally mess things up.

Warren is now pulling up on everything.  If it stands still for 2 seconds, he pulls up on it.  This makes it difficult to get up off the floor when he is near by.  While it is nice that he can pull up, he then fusses because he hasn’t figured out how to cruise along things or get down gracefully.  He is currently holding onto the entertainment center and whining because he is stuck.

Laura’s birthday party is in 10 days.  I still don’t have the invites in the mail.  Ooops.  People who are invited know the day.  I am really hoping to get them in the mail today.  My parents are coming up for her party and will be staying for a few days afterward.  The kids’ birthday present this year is a big playset.  I am really looking forward to having a slide and swings here so we don’t have to go to the park for her to play.  I still haven’t broken out the pool yet this year.  We’ve definitely had the heat for it too.  I am going to have to force us to get outside more.  It is hard with naptimes.  It is also hard since Warren can’t really do much outside yet.  Hopefully Laura and Carly can play together this summer.

Next week Laura gets to go in for a dentist appointment and her 3 year doctor appointment.  With any luck I’ll be able to do them the same day.  It may be a little rough on her, but at least they’ll be done.

Well, Laura is wanting cuddles with me.  She has even brought her blankie out here.  Guess I’ll wrap it up and give her the attention she wants.  Warren is sleeping, so I think she thinks of this time as HERS.

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