We never did make it outside this afternoon.  Warren ended up sleeping until 4:50ish.  I was shocked he was down so long.  Had I known he would sleep that long, Laura and I could have been in the garage playing, listening for him over the monitor.  Oh well.

I thought that Staying Afloat was the perfect title for my blog.  There are some days that is my only goal.  Survive until help comes (usually in the form of Robert around 5pm).  There are other days where I am lucky enough to even have my waist above water it is such a good day.  It just depends on the moods of the kids and how I am feeling.

Speaking of staying afloat, that seems to be my theme with friendships right now.  I have two “local” friends that I went through college with (Mandy and Jess).  Then I have Abbie over in Michigan, who I get to see once a year if I am lucky.  We keep in touch through the computer quite a bit.  I also have Meghan in the Cities, even though we don’t talk nearly as much as we used to, and Helen (day care provider).  I am so thankful for these friends.  I am working on making more friends, but it is something I *REALLY* struggle with.  I have no problem hanging out with other women, but to get to the point of calling one up to do something is very difficult.  I am meeting witha group of girls from church (all of whom are older than I am) about once a week for coffee.  I am also starting to meet some moms at our Play and Learn group.  I have no troubles being friendly in these settings, but I can’t quite get to the point of just calling one of them up to chat or hang out alone.  Hopefully this will change as Laura and Warren get older.  It seems so often that the adults are friends because of the kids.  Time will tell I guess where the current friendships go and what new ones will emerge.

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  1. Abbie Says:

    Its hard making friends. I struggle with it too. Great friendships are not build in a day. This is part of the reason I joined MOMS Club. You may find you make some great friends for your play and learn group. I am glad you forced yourself to go. I have had to do that as well and never regretted it. :)

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