I can't think of a fun title…

We drove approximately 935 miles between Friday morning and Tuesday night. Laura did amazingly well on the trip. She had complete meltdowns on the drive there around Rhinelander and about 10 minutes outside of Ishpeming. On the way to DeForest we made sure to stop pretty much anytime she fussed. I had hoped to avoid a repeat of Saturday (more details of Saturday to come). We made a short stop in Appleton to visit Liz and Corey but to also give the little girl a break from her car seat. On the drive home we made a stop in Tomah for her. She was more than ready to be back home.

Now for a short recap of the weekend. :) Saturday Laura was very not happy from the long drive the previous day. She had a hard time going down for naps and was crabby during her awake times. Not so much fun to be around. Saturday was a short one. Even though we went to bed at a decent time, she was up at 10, 12:30, 3:30 and 5:30. During the middle of the night, she would not go back to sleep easily like she does at home. I ended up swaddling her tightly just to get her to calm down. During the afternoon we went to Northern Michigan University to see where Will works. We then drove to Presque Isle for some very nice scenery pictures with Lake Superior.

Sunday was a much better day for Laura. She was back to her happy self and went down easily for naps. We did not go anywhere, but we had a nice day together visiting. Sunday night Laura was still not back to herself. She was up a few times (usually up only once) and had a hard time calming back down and going to sleep.

It was so nice to visit with people who didn’t want to go go go all the time. I don’t mind going out and doing things, but with a baby it makes it difficult. They also understood and didn’t make any judgments about her crying . It was fun talking about parenting styles and philosophies. It was made even better that we agree on them so much. I’m sure we have our differences as well, but we agreed about the big stuff.

Today was a good day for the most part. She woke up around 6. She went back to sleep from 7:30ish to 10ish. She was up for an hour, then slept from 11ish to 2ish. She was ready to go back down for another nap at 3, but I had to be at church. I made the decision tonight to give up LOGOS for now. It is just too hard with a little baby. If I am there with her (which I have to take her since Robert is still at work), I am totally focused on her and not the other kids. This isn’t fair to them or me. So I told the director tonight that it just wasn’t working out. I will enjoy having my Wednesday afternoons and nights back though. It got to be long being there from 3:30 to 6:30 every week. Last year I was there until 7:30. It can also give me a little more flexibility with tutoring.

But I suppose I should take advantage of her sleeping and get something done, or just go to bed early since I’m so tired tonight.

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  1. lizzies_mom Says:

    :-) Glad you had a good time! We are for sure not go go people LOL. A relaxing and fun weekend for us is for the most part just being home. I really enjoyed your visit and hope we can do it again some time. Sounds like giving up LOGOS(what does that stand for by the way?) is the best thing for now. When she gets older maybe it will work out again!
    Speaking of bed mine is calling my name! *yawn*

  2. Liz Says:

    Re: :-) I would love to do another visit sometime. I know that if you guys are in this area, it is filled with visiting family. However, you are always welcome to stop in. :) LOGOS is from a Latin word meaning “The Word” (a.k.a. The Bible). It is a Wednesday night program in 4 parts: Activity Time, Family Time (food!), Bible Study, and Worship Skills. My role was working in the nursery. I do hope to rejoin once Laura is older. Now my bed is calling my name. Perhaps we’ll chat tomorrow.

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