Easter Weekend, and then some

This was a good weekend. Friday I had off since no schools were in session. I spent the day resting up. Saturday morning Robert and I cleaned up the house a bit. I did the kitchen, and he cleaned the floors for me. :) He truly is a great hubby. Then we went up to his Aunt Elaine’s for a family gathering/lunch. There were lots of people there, and it was good to see everyone again. After the lunch, we went to Hudson to run some errands and paint for the nursery.

Sunday we got up early and went to the 6:30 sunrise service at church. We had cinnamon rolls at church for breakfast. When the 8:00 service started, we left for my in-laws. We went up for an Easter brunch. Caitlin and Ryan were able to make it, as well as James. David and Gwen slept through it. It was a good visit though. :) I decided to use Kathy’s dresser she offered us. That way I have a dresser in the style I want, and I don’t have to worry about it being a short-term loner and giving it back really soon. My parents came up Sunday evening. I made lasagna, and Mom helped out by making the breakfast bake for this morning. The spare bedroom was emptied then we watched Bill Engvall’s 15 Degrees Off Cool. I don’t remember the last time we were all laughing that hard. I highly recommend watching it if you haven’t yet.

Last night I did not sleep well at all. I don’t know how much is pregnancy related, as opposed to just fighting off this cold again. My body wanted to lay low on the side, while my sinuses were demanding to be reclining higher on my back. This argument does not make for a good night’s sleep. I remember seeing 10:40 last night, and was awake at 5, and I tossed and turned all night. At 6:15 we gave up and got up. We cleared out the bed from the bedroom (the only thing left in there) and started taping the trim work. We paused for breakfast. Robert and my parents did all the painting. I went down and checked on progress frequently, but I knew I couldn’t handle doing the actual painting. Robert had to go into work today for a couple of meetings he couldn’t get out of. So while he was gone, we finished up the painting, and got the furniture into the nursery. I will be taking pictures tomorrow and will put them on the baby page.

Mom and Dad left this afternoon around 4. Robert and I have just been laying low for the rest of the night. We did fish and tater tots for supper (super healthy, I know), and we are catching up on some of our recorded tv.

This week I am not subbing as of yet. However, this could change rather quickly in the morning. Robert has tech rehearsal for Dance Theatre tomorrow night from 5-??. They are planning on teching 5 pieces, so it could be a late night for him if he stays the entire time. My tutoring was cancelled for this week due to a family situation, so I may or may not join him. Wednesday I have a doctor’s appointment at 8 am. I am taking my gestational diabetes test, so fingers are crossed. I enjoy eating whatever without worrying about it too much. I have LOGOS Wednesday night too. We are back to the full length program, so I’ll be there until 7:45 or so. Thursday I do not have anything lined up at this point. I may join Robert for tech rehearsal again. We’ll see how much energy I have. Friday is wide open at this point. Saturday we have our childbirth prep class from 8am-2pm in River Falls. Then we are at the beginning of a new week. I’ll deal with that next weekend.

Time to get off the computer for a bit. Write more later.

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