I feel like today was successfull. I avoided doing my resumé, which may not necessarily be a good thing. Now I have to do it tomorrow. However, I did get my bills paid, lesson plans written, things gathered for my lesson on Monday, a thank you written, and went shopping tonight. I desperately needed some new clothes for student teaching. I ended up getting two pairs of slacks at Kohls, along with 2 tops. Actually, it was 3 items, but two of them have to go together. I was pleased with my purchases. At Borders I bought Gathering Blue by Lois Lowery (sequel to The Giver) and Kira-Kira by Cynthia Kadohata. I haven’t read either of them, but I’ve heard good things.

Tomorrow is going to be a full day. We have to be at church by 9:15 for membership classes, service at 10. Then I need to get my resumé started. I would use my old one, but it is so out of date, I don’t know if that would be possible. Of course, I have to watch the Super Bowl. I would like to see the Eagles win it. The commercials will be interesting too. I know that they are all going to be very G-rated.

I only have four days of school this week, next week, and the following week I only have 3 days. This week I have to be on campus for Professional Student Teacher Day. Next week I leave for Aspen on the 18th, and the following week, there is no school on Monday, and I am coming back from Aspen on Tuesday. Unfortunately, that week is going to be crazy. There is a field trip on the 24th, and I am being observed on Friday, the 25th. Hopefully the students will be good for me.

Wedding plans are not being worked on too much right now. I am just trying to keep up with student teaching during the week, and the weekends are catching up on sleep and energy and getting lesson plans done. I think everything will come together just fine. The “important” stuff is done. Now it’s just all those little details.

Not much else to report. Time for me to start heading to bed so I can make it through tomrrow and the rest of the week. Write more later.

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  1. cowabunga_tmnt Says:

    like, the sequel to the giver that we (i) read in 8th grade? i loved that book and i started reading it again last year and thuoght it was great. and ur too lucky to be graduating. i wish i would have been smart and taken college courses my senior year… this 5.5 years thing is just killing me.

  2. Liz Says:

    The one and only Giver. I can’t wait to start reading it. In all reality, the AP classes I took my senior year didn’t help much. Psych is the only thing that helped me. I have just taken 15-17 credits every semester. Lots of work, but worth it to be out in 4 years.

  3. cowabunga_tmnt Says:

    did u take summer/winter classes? my spanish minor is adding the 1/2 a year. i also took 12 to 15 credits because more than that probably would have driven me insane having to work full time and all… plus, i’ve never had enough ambition for school, it’s a good thing i’m not a quitter or something, finish things i start usually. but yeah… way to go and stuff. there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and stuff (how’s that for apathy? lol)

  4. Liz Says:

    I took my senior capstone as a winter class. I did do a French minor, but it helped that I placed into French 301 (about halfway through the minor).

  5. cowabunga_tmnt Says:

    yeah, i placed into 4th (or could have done 5th) semester spanish, so i had like 5 classes and a month abroad to complete the minor (equalling a semester’s time).

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