My mouth hurts. It’s been like this ever since I had fillings done. I don’t think the pain is coming from inside the teeth, well except on one, but it feels like the gums are revolting. I was sleeping, but apparently I was putting too much pressure on my mouth. So now I am awake waiting for the ibuprofin to kick in.

I was hoping that this week would go better than last. Later today I am going to have to do lots of math homework that I have been putting off. I am so sick of homework at this point. I feel like there is never an end. Wednesday morning my car goes into the shop. $200 for three pieces of plastic. Unbelievable! Thursday is the start of a new implant in my mouth. I am scared for some reason. Maybe it’s because I’m scared of the pain. They are using a local this time instead of like last time. Jess will be going with me instead of Robert. I know that she will take good care of me, but part of me wishes that Robert would go with. I think there is just something comforting about going into surgery and knowing that the one person you care about more than anything is waiting for you to get done. Oh well. I’m sure Jess will be fine.

It sounds like we are going up to Dallas this weekend. I suppose I should start my reading lesson plans for Karnowski fairly soon since the first one is due a week from Wednesday (tomorrow). It is becoming a reality of how little formal schooling/training I have left. I have to go to class 11 times, including our final exams. Then I am just out in the schools getting experience until the university thinks I’ve done enough.

I wish I could sleep. I know that I am going to be tired by 4 this afternoon. I am already having to get up early since I get to fight rush hour traffic. Yay me. I am driving into Maplewood (the school is just off of 36) to meet my cooperating teacher. We’ll see how it goes. I am just so tired. I can’t even lay down in bed because my mouth is throbbing so badly. Why can’t the drugs work faster??? Some days I wish I could just give up. Today is one of them. I don’t think it is too much to ask to not have constant pain, is it?

Well, I am out of things to write. My mouth is not done throbbing. Guess I’ll sit in the dark for a little longer all alone, waiting for the pain to subside. Goodnight.

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  1. rjrbytes Says:

    Well, it appears I will be going with you after all since Jess cannot, so I will be there waiting for you when you get done. :) Also, feel free to wake me up if you can’t sleep and are lonely at 3am.

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