I feel icky tonight. For some reason, my mouth has been bothering me again. I don’t know if the filling wasn’t done right or what, but it hurts! I took two ibuprofen earlier, so they have helped. Robert and I are watching Star Wars Episode IV on DVD (bought on Tuesday). Caitlin called, so the movie is on hiatus for the moment. I feel good about what I accomplished today. I read the two chapters for Karnowski on Monday, and then read and posted on D2L for Phinney. All I have left to do is Math. Ugh! But that really isn’t that bad. Monday is classes, I should get my prescriptions filled. Tuesday Lindsey and I are going to meet our teacher. Wednesday my car goes into the shop to be fixed. Thursday is surgery. Friday is sitting in class, hopefully feeling ok. Somewhere in there, I need to go grocery shopping so I’ll be able to eat Thursday. I found my wedding dress. I hope that I can buy it soon. Believe it or not, it was online, so I won’t be able to try it on until it arrives. However, the return policy seems very reasonable.
I still don’t know if I am going to get one or two implants done. Hopefully one will look decent. No one seems to be able to come up with the money for a second one. We’ll have to see how it all works out. For those of you completely lost, I am getting an implant for my teeth. I was blessed enough to have 4 adult teeth missing, two of which are on the bottom in the center.
Not much else is new. I just want to feel better. Write more later.

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